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Kelly Wakeman
Cirencester, Gloucestershire
United Kingdom


Collaborator Summary

Kawakeman is currently active in 3 projects and has 2 published songs.

Kawakeman has multiple project credits, including
  • Vocals
  • Composition
  • and Lyrics


  • Contralto
  • Lyrics
  • Melody Writer
  • Music Composition
  • Vocals
  • Vocals (female)


All genres. All moods. All themes. All abilities.

The freedom to fail is the essence of creativity.

About me - I am new to music. I never did anything like this before then August 2021 I am a painter (watercolour biomorphic art and drawings) and I also do a little bit of writing, mostly attempts at short stories. During lockdown I had recurring dreams I was writing loads of music on my ipad. I mentioned it to my partner who said that people do whole albums on their ipad and I was surprised to find this is actually possible; whole albums on iPads! I downloaded GarageBand (I had deleted it when I got my ipad) and started playing around and said I will give myself one year to write ten songs. I’ve got six done after six months and dozens in the pipeline.

Would love to build songwriting partnerships with its as as many people as it takes to write a great big song catalogue. Let me know if you are producer or vocalist/band who wants to help work on these songs.

My initial goal is to write 10 songs/album that all have a Gothic vibe in some way, as I’m a failed horror writer! But I will work on anything and everything.

I’m a contralto.

I like researching for songs, I’m inspired by history, nature, psychology, relationships, current events and things that have happened in my past or people I’ve known.

I don’t have a lot of music ability with music instruments, I can pick out a tune on a piano but I haven’t played in maybe a decade.

The melodies and lyrics I write often just arrive, I hear them in my head and then find a way to get them down in a recording. I’ve found I love finding the melodies within melodies.

Favorite Genres

  • Pop
  • Singer/Songwriter

Recording Setup

Just GarageBand on ipad and phone earphones for a mic with a bit of foam for a pop guard!

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