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Hi Paul,

So, I had a play with the App and these are my thoughts.

I think it’s easier to articulate it from my own “personal” perspective, so what I would use (although that doesn’t mean anything other than what I like....).

It feels really comprehensive in terms of “tools” to be able to capture and save “ideas”.

It’s good that you can enter a tempo, if you want to, and get a count in before you start recording. Then when you start recording you can use the metronome to keep time.

If you are being a bit more prescriptive and final about your idea, then I get why you would maybe do this. Or even if you are going to use the recording in your project once you get it into your DAW.

For me, I just want to record the “idea” so it acts as a memory jogger when I play it back. Then I will record it “properly” and start thinking about the nuances, like timings. I’m not bothered about keeping it in time at this point, just in capturing the “riff” or whatever it is. So, I also wouldn’t really use the “metronome grid” or “count in” and would like to be able to switch them off (ie: remove them from the screen).

On that note, that is just me - I just want to press a button and record, and then be able to play it back without saving it first. Without a doubt others will like the more “professional” approach, and the App definitely delivers on that front. For me, I’d quite like a “quick capture” facility, so a simple record “now” button as well as the “all singing and dancing” record.

The ability to save your captured ideas to the cloud is good, and a handy back up.

To summarise, I think it really is pretty comprehensive for someone looking to record something beyond just capturing an idea - it’s almost a mini single track DAW (could be its USP).

For me it feels slightly complicated to just record an idea, but I guess that is the whole point, as it differentiates it from say “voice memos” on the iPhone. That said, I think it definitely has a “place” and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of people using it.

Have to say, well done for developing it, and getting it to Beta, really great job :-)

Hope this helps in some way.

#3835 Posted Mon 18 Mar, 2019 5:03 pm
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