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VUYA, I hope I'm not coming across as crass or condescending here.... You know how, after hours of listening to the same track over and over, you kinda' reach a saturation point..... and you essentially train your ears to hear what you want to hear instead of what's actually there? I only started this thread because I needed to get out of my own head lol, and I knew many here would be able to relate. It's all just rhythmic noise in good fun man! :)

Originally posted by JAPOV on Sat 12 Aug, 2017

No worries at all, and for what it's worth you were right (I was just having a bit of fun.....). As Andrew said you really just need a very basic rhythm outline to lay the vocals down against, whereas we pretty much had the whole of the music done and dusted and that makes it difficult for a vocalist.

There's a repeating common theme as well about the mythical "11" volume dial, that a few of us guitarists have brought out on the odd occasion.......and all in good fun :)
#2754 Posted Sun 20 Aug, 2017 8:15 am
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