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Track Title: Wiradjuri
Description: Trying to imagine how it would feel to be the Aborigines of Australia and their first encounter with white men, we often hear about it from our perspective but rarely theirs so I tried to put myself in their shoes so to speak. The Wiradjuri nation were from New South Wales and known as the people of the 3 rivers, the Lachlan, the Macquarie and the Murrumbidgee.
Mood: Confrontational, Fierce
Genre: Rock
Originally Published: Aug 29, 2016
Song Administration: GoodVibes
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Wiradjuri Chorus 1 Wiradjuri Wiradjuri Verse 1 There was mist upon the water White ancestors had come beyond the trees It's no lie they rode across the water On beasts as big as day Chorus 2 We yelled "We're Wiradjuri" We yelled "What do you want?" Don't you understand at all? Verse 2 Well, well The ghosts now walk amongst us don't you know They bring lightening sticks to send us to our dreams Baime never told us of this mob The Jiri Jiri fret to see us bleed Verse 3 The ancient ones that painted all our dreams Never told us of the troubles you would bring Now we drift into a nightmare not a dream And we yell, "We're Wiradjuri"



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