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The Hero's World

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Track Title: The Hero's World
Description: The Hero's World
Mood: Brooding, Dark
Genre: Grunge, Metal
Originally Published: Sep 4, 2016
Song Administration: Vuya
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneThe Hero's World

The Hero's World You said our love was stronger than pain You said you'd never do it again To see the needle in our faith Diggin' deeper and deeper again You're looking at me but your mind can't see You're too far down in the hero's world Can you feel my my tears and screams Or is it too late? For the hero's world yeah Ahh in vain All in your veins You betrayed my faith again To be numb and far away You flew away in the purple rain All I can do for you is pray All those years we fought the need That feeds on darkness hate and fears To see you limp against a wall tore my heart and betrayed us all I broke my soul So you could live I stopped your craves stopped the hero's world You let us down you gave up on us you gave up on life for the hero's world

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G4gregOther instruments

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