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Track Title: Anxiety
Description: I was inspired to write once I heard this amazing piece of music by Michiel Papenhove. Many thanks to Michiel & Greg for their amazing talents. And special thanks to Lee for the mastering.
Mood: Dark, Distraught
Genre: Avant-Garde, Electronica, Experimental
Originally Published: Apr 14, 2016
Song Administration: RAVEN
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


So much for long goodbyes Turned your back then disappeared You broke me with your lies Now numb and trapped in here Shattered my heart with no remorse Left to drown in memories, so broken You, with your cynical ways Took me down, I still can’t breathe Anxiety I ran cause I wanted to save you I lied just to spare your soul I broke you to hide the truth Anxiety I’m the devil, all kinds of evil Addicted to death and all its needles Wanted you to live In this forever Anxiety I’ve killed, smiled and seen the blood I saw yours and I wanted more Had to stop for the one I loved Anxiety I know your heart is wounded But you’re safe, far away from me Time to face the ones I murdered Anxiety Torn, destroyed by your words But I can’t break through Lost, with only your shadow to haunt me And I’m still wanting you Anxiety

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