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Never Wait

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Track Title: Never Wait
Description: Contemporary Country tune about personal growth and triumph. Just need mixing and mastering.
Mood: Optimistic, Spiritual
Genre: Contemporary, Country, Singer/Songwriter
  • F Major
  • 76 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Mar 31, 2016
Song Administration: kimberh
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneNever Wait

Never Wait for the Rain to Stop By Kimberley Harris Verse 1 He’d spent his whole life running from the raindrops And he never saw that rainbow by his side He missed the sunshine, a million tiny miracles ‘Cause he never really opened up his eyes And on his final morning as he lay in a cold hospital bed He took his daughters little hand and said Chorus Never wait for the rain to stop Go ahead and soak it in ‘Cause you might not get another chance To feel it on your skin While you wait for clearer skies Life might just pass you by So tilt your head up and open wide Drink up every drop and never wait for the rain to stop Verse 2 Ten years later his little girl’s almost a woman All dressed up as she stands by the window side And she’s losing hope that young man's coming down that country road And the rain can’t match the teardrops in her eyes And she swears she’ll never trust her heart to anyone again But her Momma holds her close and says Chorus 2 Never wait for the rain to stop Go ahead and soak it in You might not believe it now But all this pain is gonna end So don’t close up your heart Before your life even starts And when you need to Go on and cry But through the teardrops Never wait for the rain to stop Change As the years went by, many days of her life The sun would hide But somehow she learned to dance in the rain Verse 3 Now she looks back at all that she has been through And the many different colors of her life And she knows that even when the storm is raging That she has the strength inside her to survive And when she looks at her own daughter Sitting on her daddy’s knee She knows just what she’ll tell her When her courage has failed her And she doesn’t think she’ll make it Through the storm Chorus 3 Never wait for the rain to stop Go ahead and soak it in ‘Cause I’ve felt the rain And I know how it feels on your skin Everything that you go through It makes you strong So tilt yo



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