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Track Title: Fiona
Description: A ship to call home, a love to sail the seven seas.
Mood: Earthy, Romantic
Genre: Acoustic, Bluegrass
Originally Published: Sep 30, 2015
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


Fiona Verse 1 Ten years or more I searched the shore For beauty such as you My eyes were dry from salt they died Until, my glass spied you. Chorus 1 Fiona I did love you From the first wave that carried you My ship set sail for the harbour Of your heart Verse 2 Five years in port, my heart’s aloft Your beauty’s kept me true My eyes still spy the coastline Where I first encountered you Chorus 2 Fiona I have loved you Since the shore delivered you My heart remains in the harbour Of your heart Verse 3 I took the helm, set sail toward The harbour’s ocean hue We sailed along the coastline The ocean’s kiss took bloom Chorus 3 Fiona I’ll always love you Even through the perfect storm My love keeps warm in the harbour Of your heart



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