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Cross My Heart (V-Day Challenge)

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Track Title: Cross My Heart (V-Day Challenge)
Description: 2018 Valentine's Day Challenge!
Mood: Bittersweet, Energetic
Genre: Ballad, Dance, EDM, Electronica
Originally Published: Jan 19, 2018
Song Administration: AliceMinguez
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneCross My Heart (V-Day Challenge)

INTRO I always thought that you were my savior I always loved having you near But now you’re gone; no longer beside me And now my tears are all I see But still… CHORUS I wish you moonlight I wish you starshine I wish you blue skies and warm nights I wish you happiness I wish you all the best I wish you my heart I wish you sweet caresses Loving tenderness And all the other things that I now miss I wish you Valentines And dates dressed to the nines (I wish me your heart) Cross my heart That’s what you did Cross my heart I’ll never forgive You Cross my heart I swear it’s true I cross my heart I won’t forgive you But not for the reason that you think ‘Cause the real problem is you Still cross my heart No matter what I do No matter what I think You always cross my heart Yo—ouuu So.... [REPEAT CHORUS] Cross my heart Cross my heart You crossed my heart Don’t cross my heart Again…. (And please stopping crossing my heart Over and over again Over and over again Over and over again) There’s no forgetting you Nooooo So I resign myself to this I--- [REPEAT CHORUS]


Alice MinguezAuthor/Composer

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