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Project Type: Public

Auditions: Private

Status: Open

Started: Apr 7, 2020

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Description: Got Vocal Stems? I'll create a NEW song for you from your OLD Vocal Stems.

Project brief: My favorite thing to do music wise is creating NEW songs from VOCALS that have been previously used in a song. I like to 'read' vocal melodies and create my own chord progressions from them and then add drums and/or other instruments to create something new. How it works: 1) You upload/audition your vocal stems (main/harmonies/vocals only), from a song you have ALREADY COMPLETED on ProCollabs OR elsewhere. Note: the vocals MUST have been recorded at a steady tempo to a click track. Any key is fine. Any genre is fine. Any language is fine. Any bit depth/sample rate is fine. Any key signature is fine. TEMPO, however, MUST be steady from beginning to the end. Drifting tempos are my Achilles heel. 2) I will create a NEW song/arrangement, in a style and design of my own choosing, from your vocal stems without further input from you. Note: I will ask you about your motivations/emotions/history behind your vocals and use that info to influence what I create. 3) I cannot guarantee that you will like the results however, if you DO like the results you may KEEP the song (100% ownership) I have created. No need to even credit me. Please keep in mind this is not a collaboration in the traditional sense. It is not a volley back and forth of ideas over a period of time. Instead, YOUR inputs to the process are at the beginning of the project, and are your vocal stems AND, if you wish to share, the emotions/stories/imagery behind the vocals/lyrics you have created. I will then work independently, for the rest of the project, to create a song from your vocals. In a sense, together WE are using YOUR vocals as a canvas upon which I will paint/create a musical picture. It IS a collaboration but it is structured a bit differently than you may be used to. You may like the results..or not. Either way. No worries. Why do I do this? To make new friends/connections for possible future collaborations AND I enjoy the challenge of working with your vocals without any preconceived notions of the final result. Also, by working independently, it puts less of a burden on BOTH of us (ie no timelines, obligations, schedules, deadlines) and that, considering today's circumstances and the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring, is an efficient, low stress, way to collaborate at this time. Curious? Then check out my SoundCloud page (click on the globe on my profile page) and check out some of the recent vocal remixes I have done for others. Hit me up if you like what you hear. Happy to answer any questions via ProCollabs email. Wishing you all well during these troubling times. Stay in. Stay safe. Make MUSIC.

For audio file uploads, please use: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz


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RAVEN says.. This is a pretty cool idea. Would make a good challenge!!

Posted on Apr 8, 2020


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