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I do most of my writing at night, when I have quiet time in the studio. Sometimes I will record ideas into my phone when I'm driving. I also keep a Tascam DR-40 close by most of the time. It's a handheld recorder that allows me to try out multi-track guitar parts without having to fire up the whole studio rig.
#464 Posted Fri 03 Apr, 2015 5:36 pm
I'll start writing as soon as the check clears.

Originally posted by Phoephus on Fri 03 Apr, 2015

Check, don't you mean cheque?...............sheesh American English dictionaries, I suppose it will try to correct Gaol as well..............yep!
#465 Posted Fri 03 Apr, 2015 6:19 pm
I'm recored into my smartphone. Surprisingly, many of my songs come whilst driving. It's soo easy to let a good hook, idea, etc slip away because you didn't record it. The other thing is I have a little solid state hand held recorder and if I pick up a guitar I turn it on whilst noodling around. Some of my best stuff just comes out of this. Somtimes I have to figure out how I played it. I have entire songs in my head, some many years old that I still have not recorded, but I can recall them. Most don't have lryics but the structure, melody and rhythm is al there. Finally, Band in a Box is an amazingly powerful creative tool. Throw some chord progressions up, try different styles over those chord progression and soon you are creating an entirely new song. The different players envolved each provide different elements that can shape the final result. One of the more intersting thing you can do is listen to some classical music chord progressions then have Band in a Box play the classic chord progression in the style of something like BLINK 182. That sets up the chord and rhythm, now start adding contrasting layers and often it sounds like >>>what the #@#%.....and sometimes it's pure magic.

Originally posted by hotjams on Fri 03 Apr, 2015

Interesting. I, too, have used BIAB and have had similar results. Sometimes it is down right scary. They never make mistakes and that alone sends shivers up and down my spine. :)
#468 Posted Fri 03 Apr, 2015 10:38 pm
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