Since 7 August, 2018
Phillip Caldwell
Seattle, Washington
United States



  • Saxophone


Phillip Caldwell started in the music scene young. In high school he started playing with the original rock group Dignan. As Dignan's popularity grew in the midwest, Phillip could be found in venues and festivals all around St. Louis, and Missouri as the band opened for National acts coming through.
By college, Phillip and fellow Dignan member Chris formed their own original jazz group known as "The Richard Fuller Jazz Quarter" despite neither of them being named Richard. RFQ, as they were more commonly referred, quickly gained a reputation of being more upbeat and "funky" and expanding what was traditionally thought of from a Jazz group. Over this time Phil had the honor to play alongside musicians such as Mike Tomaro, Reggie Thomas, Bobby Watson, Rick Haydon, Tom Scott, Shelly Berg, Paul McKee, Buddy DiFranco, Wayne Bergeron, Mike Matheny, and Steve Weist and was a featured member of the Missouri All-Collegiate Jazz Ensemble.
Eventually, like so many other, Phillip ventured west to try his fate in Los Angeles. There he had many more musical adventures from playing saxophone for The Second City improv comedy shows, to sharing a stage with his own middle school heartthrob Lisa Loeb, to being on Fox's hit television show "Glee".
Now Phillip finds himself in the Pacific Northwest and looking forward to this new chapter in his musical experiences.
Check out my SoundCloud for some samples

Favorite Genres

  • Alternative
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Indie
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Motown
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Ska
  • Soul
  • Swing

Recording Setup

Soprano Saxophone - Cannonball series
Alto Saxophone - Virtuoso, yamaha mouthpiece
Tenor Saxophone - Selmer Mark VI, Vandoren V16 mouthpiece
Baritone Saxophone - Yamaha 52 Series, Peter Ponzol Custom mouthpiece

Session Work

I have multiple saxophones and can provide multi-horn parts, or solo lines. I have years of session recording work.
Rates vary depending on the need of the project (writing original lines vs playing pre-written parts. Multiple horns, or single. Etc)

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