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  • Electric Bass
  • Lyrics
  • Music Composition
  • Vocals (male)


Started out as a lead singer in a rock band in the late 80s. Picked up the bass in 1990 and have played in bands ever since. Started writing songs in 2013 when I was finally in a band that performed all original music. The Dropbox tune I have shared was recorded with that band... that soon after dis-banded. But I continue to write songs and have been making homemade demos of them. I would like to make recordings of a few of them to at least the level of the track I shared via Dropbox.
My songs come in a variety of styles, but tend to have pop rock structures, a clear narrative storyline, and more juicy chords than is typical.
In this venue you could think of me as a Nick Lowe type looking for his Dave Edmunds collaborator. Or perhaps more accurately, a Benjamin Orr (of the Cars) type looking for... hmmm... a Bob Welch or Paul Weller-ish guitarist with production ideas who can stretch from folky to bluesy to rock to jazz. Someone with a love of chords who thinks about textures, tones, and soundscapes more than blistering leads. Plus a versatile drummer to keep it moving.

Favorite Genres

  • Indie
  • Rock

Recording Setup

Pretty rudimentary, from a recording perspective.
Jay Turser 4 string semi-hollow body bass guitar
Dean fretless 4 string bass which I never play
Gallien-Krueger 700RB-210 bass amplifier
Yamaha piano (that my bandmate Joe and my wife play)
Roland E-600 keyboard
TASCAM DP-02 8 track portastudio
ZOOM RhythmTrak RT-123 drum machine, Alesis SA-16 drum machine - both lame...
Microphones - MXL 990, Neuman KMS 105, Sure Beta 58A
Nero Wave editor

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